On Premise Equipment

Should you purchase your own equipment to begin your company’s migration to IP Telephony? The investment in IP is often worth it as Unified Communications help your staff be more efficient with your clients and thus make you more money!

The key to deciding on an IP equipment lease or purchase rests squarely in TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership. Once you’ve decided that IP Telephony is something interesting enough to explore, ask yourself, “What type of infrastructure will we need (network, internet speeds, internal support) to get maximum benefit from a system? If we don’t have the infrastructure, what will it cost, and are we prepared to make the investment in our long-term telecom interest?”

IP Telephony just makes sense, in terms of both economics and infrastructure requirements. The vast majority of businesses are now installing IP systems, and the technology will continue to grow in popularity. It is becoming clear that IP technology will eventually replace the current phone system.

IP PBX Manufacturers

KineticWorks is proud to be a Premier Value-Added Reseller (VAR) for Zultys and Allworx - the industry’s top rated IP system manufacturers. KineticWorks offers a full line of innovative and cutting edge Unified Communications products from the following partners.


Allworx VoIP technology provides the small / medium size business a reliable, easy to use platform that scales up to 100 users per site. The management interface is controlled from an Internet browser and is very easy to use. This allows the business owner / IT staff total control to administer all moves, adds, and changes to the system. Overall benefits include reduced maintenance / telecom expenses, higher productivity, and increased customer / employee satisfaction.


Zultys is a premier manufacturer of IP communications equipment for businesses and enterprises. Its award winning products have provided the market with solutions that increase worker productivity and scale for future growth. Zultys has produced some of the most innovative designs that integrate functionality while fully interoperating with industry standard devices.

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