Mobile Broadband

Take your office anywhere with high-speed third generation wireless networks. With coverage for more than 230 million people in over 13,000 cities, you can experience download speeds comparable to DSL on America’s largest and fastest data network. With a variety of wireless data cards and data savvy mobile devices available, just plug-in to your laptop or access the network directly from your mobile handset and feel the power at your fingertips.

Wireless—BroadbandThe goal is to enable worldwide deployment of affordable, ubiquitous, always-on and interoperable multi-vendor mobile broadband wireless access networks that meet the needs of business and residential end user markets. 

Devices to provided mobile broadband include: mobile data cards, USB sticks, phones with data modems.

KineticWorks can help you increase your productivity to gain a competitive edge by offering you mobile solutions from industry leading mobile communication provider Sprint – Nextel.

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